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1 You can read all about the contents of Yeast Infection No More on this website.

2 You can see what you really get for your money before you buy. You can hear what we think of the program. You can get a feel for the overall approach.

3 You can decide if the program’s right for you. Reality: yes, it most likely will work for you!

4 You can check out the bonuses you get with the YINM program.

5 You can use our link to purchase the program conveniently and quickly (see below).

6 You have the assurance that we – complementary health practitioners with a science background – know what we’re talking about. We’ve bought and used this program very successfully for our own family. You can read about this here.

7 And finally, we tell you the truth. We’re being honest with you in what we say on this website. We’re not pushing you to decide about buying this program – it’s your choice. And in case you don’t want to read everything we’ve written (there is a lot on this site!), here is a summary of the key points. Read on to find out more…

Key Points About Curing Infections

Yeast Infection No More

1 Yeast infections are common – 75% of women and men will get a yeast infection at some time in their lives, and most people have more than one. Some people, women especially, will find they have recurrent yeast infections which don’t respond to conventional treatment. They can affect any part of the body.

Medical solutions don't always work!

Medical solutions don’t always work!

2 Medical solutions – prescription and over-the-counter alike – don’t always work for yeast infections, particularly with recurrent infections. That’s why natural home remedies and complementary therapies are so necessary.

3 Yeast Infection No More was written by a real person – Linda Allen – who suffered with yeast infections for years. She’s based the program on her own experience and her scientific research. We’ve spoken to her and she’s a woman of real authority, experience and wisdom.

4 Yeast Infection No More is a complete, comprehensive, simple and effective treatment system using natural home remedies that are easily available.

Natural home remdies work

Natural home remedies will kill yeast infections – it’s scientifically proven!

5 Natural home remedies are now being researched by scientists, and it turns out that the products and remedies used all have a scientific basis. These things work.

6 And effective remedies are desperately needed, because the symptoms of recurrent infection can go way beyond irritation of the skin and soreness. For some people, yeast infections make life truly miserable.

7 Yeast Infection No More comes as a 240 page eBook, arranged so you can quickly and easily select the information that’s relevant for you.

8 There are six chapters plus bonus information, the contents of which are summarized below. And we have comprehensive, detailed information about what’s in each chapter lower down this page.

YINM comes as an eBook - quick, easy, and convenient.

YINM comes as an eBook – quick, easy, and convenient.

Chapter 1 is an introduction, explaining who Linda Allen is, the history of her yeast infections, the depressing, life-destroying impact they had on her, and why she decided to research holistic remedies.

Chapter 2 describes exactly what a yeast infection is, what causes it, the many different (and unexpected)  effects it can have, the signs and symptoms, and all the other information you need to understand what Candida albicans actually is (Candida albicans is the medical name for yeast), and how it can impact on your mind and body.

Chapter 3 helps you diagnose the problem – so you can check you really do have a yeast infection. (Some symptoms that look like a yeast infection can be caused by bacteria.)  These are simple diagnostic tests, easy to do at home, which will confirm that you are dealing with yeast infection.

Chapter 4 takes you into the treatment, by offering powerful remedies for fast and effective relief from symptoms. Yes: you get a quick way of eliminating any discomfort, itching, rash, redness, soreness (and any vaginal discharge) caused by Candida albicans, no matter how serious.  This approach gives you relief in a few days (sometimes less than 24 hours), and the treatment works on any part of the body. However, this isn’t a complete cure, it’s just symptom relief. Chapter 5 shows you how to achieve a permanent “cure”.

Chapter 5 contains a simple, quick treatment for mild to moderate yeast infections. Linda explains how yeast infections can be cured with this treatment. It’s based on natural remedies, all of which are easily available, and all of which are scientifically proven to work by killing yeast infection.

Chapter 6 is the full treatment program – a holistic system that will restore you to complete 100% health and fitness, and get rid of all of the other effects of moderate to severe yeast infections, including fatigue, lethargy, confusion, tiredness, “brain fog”, low energy, etc., etc.

Finally, the program has a 60 day money-back guarantee. If it’s not right for you, you can get your money back simply – no questions asked!

Click here to check out Linda Allen’s own website, and buy the program! 

Or read about each section of the program below, where we provide detailed information. 

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